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Come to the world of Spirit Wings!

Spirit Wings YA fantasy book series

The Academy

Anton the Guardian of Jesse runs in heavenly places to defend the young man with a great calling.

  • The adventure just begins in the heart of  the Rockies. YA book series with a biblical world view . 6 books and more on the way.

Ages 13 and up.

Spirit Wings the Academy: Jesse is a 15-year-old street kid. The fallen ones have tried to mark his life for their purpose, but his angel Anton and a small group of the faithful, contend for his life and future. 

Ruby is the uptight church girl, gifted and a great warrior in the spirit realm. She is the youngest and most insecure. Destiny is slightly order and mature, but she tends to stay in the background for the most part. Jesse is teamed up with these two; he is most uncomfortable.

Scepters, swords, and ancient prophecies await their time to manifest. Hidden idols hold power secretly by right of inheritance. 

Ruby has the most power in the spirit realm, but Jesse and Destiny can see things she cannot. They all need each other. Jesse has a lot of baggage, and things he doesn’t want the girls or anyone to know about him. His past could explode in front of him, and he carries the dark memories deep inside.

Dark and Light clash, as the fight for the title deed of earth begins, and these three are right in the middle.

The biggest battle will be the battle within . . . 

The Cave of Abigor


The gang finds out the enemy has been hiding in plain sight

and has beeen around a long time. They come face to face with

the enemy within...

You will find that this YA fantasy book series that is full of creatures, action, and heart to hearrt characters that are gritty and diverse.

The House of Asher


YA fantasy book series that explores hearts as well as the spirit realm!

The gang goes out on their first mission, does Jesse drag the girls into

a clash with local religious leaders?

Books 4,5,6

The Scepters of the Kings


The gang grows in authority in the spirit realm. They learn of the grid and how they can bring light where darkness causes decay.

The Landing Strip


Jesse learns the cost of love . . .  will he pay the price? Earth , wind and fire, Team One pours things out from Heaven.

The Jade Seal


Ruby pulls the team into Korea for a battle with a dragon, the K-pop world may never be the same.


How far off is the apocalypse?


Book 8 has been started...

The action heats up as the team matures and comes into their gifting.



Audio books are in the works.

Full length motion pictures!

Korean and Chinese translations!

Book 7

The Sound of Heaven

Book cover of book 7, Jesse and the Shaman

340 pages Ages 16 and up, KINDLE and paperback. Jesse and the gang oppose the nephilim couple in Denver. The music strongman makes threats and Jesse wrestles with the risks of making the sound of heaven.

Chapter illustrations

Jesse anguishes over the young Chinese youth that has gone missing mysteriously.

Chapter images created by the author, and "Types and Shadows" in the back of the book add to the story. Homosexuality is dealt with in a biblical, gentle kind fashion. A new Chinese character is brought into play , and two missing SWA characters are uncovered!

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Spirit Wings YA Fantasy Book Series short discriptions

Additional Information

Book one – The Academy

Young Jesse moves to school in the Rocky Mountains. 

Will he be able to fit in and make a new life from his shattered past?

YA fantasy book series that is uplifting and gives a biblicl world view.

Book two – The Cave of Abigor

Evil manifests at the campus of Spirit Wings. It boasts to all three Jesse, Ruby, and Destiny that they all have ties with him and cannot defeat him. Jesse has the hardest battle with… the darkness within.

Books 3 – The House of Asher

The team moves on into young adult hood and they find the battles are bigger. Can Baal be brought down from Denver? Their first real mission as a team takes them to the heart of the matter.

Book 4 – The Scepters of the Kings

In New York the gang finds that the glory occurs in the most unexpected place. From there the team goes to Israel. Scepters are given and some are taken away by force.

Book 5 – The Landing strip

Ancient iniquitous thrones are rattled and revealed as Jesse and the gang

Deal with Titans, who come to change culture and history. YA fantasy book series for ages 13 and up.

Book 6– The Jade Seal

Ruby mysteriously changes in to fatigue military wear. A new group join Eagle’s Nest. The Team goes to Seoul and deals with a dragon in the spirit realm. Jesse gets a hard rebuke from a business man.

This YA fantasy book series is clean, wholesome and acton packed. YA fantasy book series by Sandy Solis

Book 7 - The Sound of Heaven 

The music strongman and the nephilim couples are changing culture and world views. Jesse and the gang stand against them in the world arena. Things are heating up and the risks are high. A young Chinese boy is brought into the mix, he impacts Jesse and others a great deal. The Korean K-pop stars face extreme pressure from their agencies. Two long lost members of SWA are found.

Jesse regrets...

Jesse regrets...


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Ages 13 and up. mild violence, very little sexual themes, lots of action and heart to heart interactions